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Please note that all exhibits are labeled in German. English guided tours are available upon request.

For further questions please contact us:

Planungsstab Stadtmuseum Stuttgart
Tel. +49-(0)711 – 216 964 00

Fax +49-(0)711 – 216 964 13

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Dr. Manfred Schmid
Tel. +49-(0)711 – 216 964 06

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Available information online:

  • Stadtmuseum Stuttgart
    The plans for the new City museum
  • Hegelmuseum and Birthplace
    At Museum Hegel-Haus we provide for our international guests the museum flyer in English as well as a guide book with all exhibition labels in English. The guide book is available at the information desk. Here we also provide the museum flyer in Spanish and Chinese
  • Lapidarium
    About the garden and the collection

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